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Pic of the Week nominees

Enjoy this weeks nominees… and don´t forget to vote

Congrats to awesome Satine

Satine Spark

Satine Spark

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Enjoy this weeks lovely nominees… and don´t forget to vote

Herzlichen Glückwunsch…
Sexy JenJen is this weeks winner

Sexy JenJen

Sexy JenJen

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It´s been a while.
Sorry for MIA
But as a little excuse you get twice as many nominees as usual
Enjoy and don´t forget to vote

Enjoy the pictures I took from friday

let me start with the complainment.
You´re not allowed to bring in big bags or bagpacks. That´s not that bad, but why can´t you tell before the convention?
One other thing is the lack of internationals.
Yeah, I know. Back in the days everything was better. 😉
Not better but different.
But as you can see, it is great sexy fun.

Here it is… The annual Pic of the Year award.
You voted for your favourite picture all through the year.
Now the 12 monthly winners are running for the Pic of the Year.
You have three votes a day. Voting will end on friday the 14th October at 9am CET. (choose wisely).

Congratulations lovely Tyra

Pornbabe Tyra

Pornbabe Tyra

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Enjoy the last Pics of the Month (this season) and don´t forget to vote

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