Since most of you might already guessed, The story about “War On Porn” was an april joke.
I think everyone read it and thought: “Okay, we have April 1st. This has to be a joke.”
But to tell you the truth, I had so much fun writing it and sending Puma Swede to house arrest, with the chance to send her to Guantanamo Bay was a great bonus.
At this point I have to say thanks to this hilarious women: “Tack sa mycket, jag älskar dig.”
So let me get this clear, Europe has no plan to ban Porn, Obama has no attention to go on “War on Porn.”
You can all cancel your flights to Basel, AVN will take place in Vegas as usual (I think)
Let´s all hope that this joke will never come true.
April April as we would say in Germany
But you can visit Puma´s website here: