Since everything in live changes, so does this site.
First thing is I´ll try to bring up things more frequently.
For example I´m trying to bring up a little interview thing, which will be called “20 questions”.
There will be 20 questions asked to a pornstar. Or an other industry member.
The other major change will be, that the Pic Of The Month will be voted here on this site.
The eight most voted / viewed pictures on my Twitter page will be nominated as Pic Of The Month and you´ll have a week to vote on those pictures and the picture with the most votes will be Pic Of The Month.
At the beginning of October 2011 you´ll get the chance to vote on each Pic Of The Month.
So the Pic Of The Year will be announced at October 19th.
I hope you like these changes, just make a comment and tell me what you think.