Sabrina Deep (topless)

She is a “fan stalker”. Let´s just say she takes care for her fans in a special way.
When I read her tweets some days ago, she was starting a fan quest.
If a certain pic was retweeted 500 times in 5 days, she will publish her telephone number on Twitter.
So I thought I want to know more about her and I wanted to letting you know more about her.
So here is the interview.

Whitey: For those of you who don´t know you already. Who are you?
Sabrina Deep: Sabrina Deep. Boring but that’s me 🙂

W:You describe yourself as a fanstalker, can you explain this?
SD: I “stalk” fans. I would be nobody without fans and like me any other adult performer. Let’s say that i’m conscious of that and that i behave accordingly.

W:You started a “fan quest”, with a pretty remarkable price. What is that about?
SD:Giving me fans my telephone number. But it’s less crazy as it might sound…my website members can already get my tel number on my site since one year.

W: What do you think, people would tell if they´re gonna call you?
SD: The silliest things ever, probably. I love men, especially when i meet them in person. When it’s cyber, they are all “uber-something”, hung, experienced…that’s the all point about cyber: be whom you’re not. But then if we meet live it’s gonna be amazing against your mental odds.

W: You´´ve done a “Fanbang” hosted by Ginger Lynn. How was it? Especially working with Ginger Lynn.
SD: Ginger Lynn is a very very beautiful person. And “at work” she is the most professional person i’ve dealt with, ever. I’m lucky to have worked with her and to have become her friend. We hear each other regularly and she’s teaching me a lot, not only industry-wise.

W:You´re going to have two fan bangs in Germany in December. Could you tell us a little about that?
SD: Cum, Gina Blonde, lots of cocks, creampies, anal, facials, swallowing, dp, the break when we all eat a little bit of something before starting again…it’ll be fun 🙂

W: Where is it going to be?
SD: Mannheim on December 11th and Weisweiler on December 13th. I think it’s fully booked already.

W:How could you be a part of that?
SD: Apply or try to (i think it’s fully booked as i said) at

Sabrina Deep (non nude)

W: You´ve been in Berlin in October for the Venus Fair, how did you like that?
SD: Great fun! I love to show off and what i like about Germany is that you can show off in the right spot.

W: Is it any different than other conventions you´ve been too?
SD: Absolutely! As i said, it’s unique. I was naked showing off by the booth and that certainly is not possible at any other convention arount the world.

W: What are you up to in the future?
SD: Honestly, beside the “usual” stuff that i’m up to, i don’t know. It’s good to plan on a short term according to your own mood and to what you really wanna do in that particular time of the year. I’d like to keep enjoying life as i’m doing at the moment.

W: How can people reach you on the internet?
SD:You can follow me on Twitter at or on the forums of my World Bukkake Tour website – or if you throw a lot of money into cigarettes and booze, you might want to spare 25 bucks to throw onto my website – – and watch thousands of my videos and pictures.

W: How do you celebrate Christmas?
SD: With love and respect like the rest of the year.

W: 13 +1 This is a bonus question: If you are superstitious and don´t want to answer “13” questions, you can answer this one.
What other things are you superstitious about?

SD: I’m not superstitious. Give me 13 guys and i’ll do them eheheh

Pictures were taken at the Venus Erotic Fair in Berlin 2010.
By the way the non nude picture is probably one of the only with clothes on. Because she told me, that I was the only one that asked for a non nude pic. 😉