This is a horrible year.
Just month after the crucial death of Sexy Cora. Germans adult entertainement looses another great person.
Harry S. Morgan, one of the most august directors/producers in Germany´s adult entertainment died this weekend, at the age of 65.
Thorsten Wilms (Videorama spokesman) said, that Morgan didn´t show up at set, so a director of photography and the janitor entered his apartment in Düsseldorf, where they found Morgan.
Susanna Heusgen (Düsseldorf police department) said there is no indication that he was murdered.
Harry S. Morgan was an important part of Germany´s adult entertainment for over 20 years.
He discovered some of the most poplular stars like Vivian Schmitt, Gina Wild or Lena Nitro.
He also worked as journalist for several newspapers and magazines (e.g. Der Spiegel, Stern and Bild).
In 2008 Morgan realeased a biography called “Harry S. Morgan – Master of pornography”.
German adult entertainment lost a great director and producer, but most of all we´ve lost a nice and funny person.
R.I.P. Harry