As director Clayton Cubitt says: “You´ll want to be on headphones for this”
I´m always interested to see “porn meeting art”.
So this video got my attention.
In “Hysterical literature” Clayton Cubitt makes Stoya read from Superverts “Necrophilia Variations” while a vibrator is running.
It´s not just Stoya´s beautiful smile (you don´t have to mention it, I´m sure mostly everyone loves it) that got my attention, but the whole idea.
I don´t know how to tell you, but I simply love the way Stoya comes here.
The way her breath becomes harder, the slight little shakes that start to become heavier.
You maybe recognize that I am pretty fascinated by this. 😉

So put on your headphones and enjoy it.

About the project and further information
About Supervert – Necrophilia Variations
Stoya about Hysterical Literature
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