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A few weeks ago, I asked you for help for my friend Elexis Monroe.
Here is just a little reminder.


Help Elexis Monroe

Elexis Monroe

Elexis Monroe

When you visit this site on a regular base, you might have noticed the wonderful Elexis Monroe.
As I´m writing this, she is in the operating room.
A few days ago they found an abscess in her left jar, that spread to her ear.
So as you can see, this is life-threatening.
I don´t want to talk about the health care system in the US, but since she has no health insurance, it´s a pretty tough situation.
I never seen this gorgeous woman (who is a single mother) asking for anything.
So if you want to help her out, simply use use the e-mail address
Also tell her to get well on ´

I know, I´m late on this one, but here are the tour dates.

Jun 25: Paris – FR
Jun 26: London – UK
Jul 09: Barcelona – ES
Jul 23: Phoenix – USA
Jul 30: New York – USA
Aug 20: Toronto – CA
Aug 21: Toronto – CA
Aug 27: Vancouver – CA
Sep 20: Berlin – DE
Oct 01: Los Angeles – USA
Oct 08: Miami – USA
Oct 14: Dallas – USA
Oct 16: New York – USA
Oct 28: Manchester – UK
Oct 29: London – UK
Nov 12: Budapest – HU
Nov 19: Rome – IT
Jan 06: Las Vegas – USA
Jan 08: Los Angeles – USA

And here is a little BTS clip

This is a horrible year.
Just month after the crucial death of Sexy Cora. Germans adult entertainement looses another great person.
Harry S. Morgan, one of the most august directors/producers in Germany´s adult entertainment died this weekend, at the age of 65.
Thorsten Wilms (Videorama spokesman) said, that Morgan didn´t show up at set, so a director of photography and the janitor entered his apartment in Düsseldorf, where they found Morgan.
Susanna Heusgen (Düsseldorf police department) said there is no indication that he was murdered.
Harry S. Morgan was an important part of Germany´s adult entertainment for over 20 years.
He discovered some of the most poplular stars like Vivian Schmitt, Gina Wild or Lena Nitro.
He also worked as journalist for several newspapers and magazines (e.g. Der Spiegel, Stern and Bild).
In 2008 Morgan realeased a biography called “Harry S. Morgan – Master of pornography”.
German adult entertainment lost a great director and producer, but most of all we´ve lost a nice and funny person.
R.I.P. Harry

One thing is for sure, you don´t want to mess with the beautiful Jesse Jane after you´ve seen this video.

Watch Out! The Fan Stalkers are Coming

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Thanks to Fanstalker.Net, all of that is about to change. In an effort
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numbers, interviewing them, meeting them in person and even making
their ultimate fantasies come true in bed.

“There is something very exciting about getting so personal with fans;
it’s like flirting on your first date” says Sabrina Deep. “I have been
travelling the world and meeting my fans for the last four years and
I have always been driven by this desire to stalk new prey. Now, it is
the time to promote this philosophy and to create a new niche in adult
entertainment.” is a free site that brings together adult stars who love
stalking their beloved fans. Visitors get a chance to interact
directly with the women and keep track of their activities.
The site features live web cam show, worldwide tour dates for personal
meetings and, of course, links to web sites and social networking
accounts for the “stalkers.” It is also home to FanStalker TV, a web-based
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Fanstalker Gina Blonde is thrilled to be part of the site and this new
movement in adult entertainment. “I am very excited to be a fanstalker”
says Gina. “As performers we wouldn’t be much without our fans. After
hundreds of movies I feel like it’s time for me to stalk a few of my
fans and get them in front of the camera and in bed with me.
FanStalker gives me a chance to cultivate a new relationship with
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Stars who share Sabrina and Gina’s lust for life and passion for their
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Tim Harper offers a plaster cast of Sexy Cora´s breast on ebay.
The link to the auction was posted at her Twitter account on Saturday (February, 12th).
First price was €4.999, today it´s 2.990.
There are no biddings on it by now, but there are 69 proposed prices, which are all declined.
Tim Harper (who has been accused to make money with the dead of his wife, by several people) tells: “Since my personal memories are not always positive, when I have the breast if my wife infront of me, decided to give it away and make another person happy with it.”
ebay auction here

Bree Olson was arrested on Thursday in her hometown Fort Wayne, Ind on suspicion of driving under the influence of alcohol.
According to the breathalyzer test she took, she had a blood alcohol level of .19.
Bree was involved in a single car accident, with a black Lexus. (Most likely her own).
Bree was released on $750 bail.
But hey, the mug shot looks great.

R.I.P. Sexy Cora

Sexy Cora died on wedenesday, 20th in a hospital in Hamburg.
Carolin Wosnitza (legal name) has been in coma for about a week.
The doctors placed her in an artifical coma after, something went wrong during a breast surgery. (See previous article).
Now it looks like there was something wrong with ECG during narcosis.
(The prosecutors invading).
Cora had become pretty famous in Germany, when she moved into the Big Brother house.
Cora was only 23 years old.
My deepest concern to her husband Tim.

R.I.P. Cora, you will be missed.

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