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December 2009 - Puma Swede

Congratulations to Puma Swede.
The hilarious Swedish/Finish bombshell is the PIC OF THE YEAR 2010
She thinks she looks crazy on this picture. And she does.
But she is crazy, in a nice and funny way.
Normally I wouldn´t take a pcture like this.
It was shot at the Venus Berlin 2007, when she passed by. It was a moment when she wasn´t at the booth. Three years later I think it wasn´t fair to catch that moment.
So congratulations to Puma Swede.

The last post was blog number 50.
I think this some kind of anniversary.
So I celebrate it with some pictures I took during the last years.
If you like them tell me.

I also would like to know, how you like this blog so far.
What could/should I change?

Give me some advice!!!
What would you like to see/read here?
Feel free to comment on the posts here.

I appreciate every single one of them (at least I will if they are not too rude, aggressive or you try to threaten someone).
When I post something up here, I always like to have your opinion on that topic.

So everyone who came here during the last 50 posts, thank you.
Everyone who retweeded it, told others on Facebook or shared it with others: THANK YOU

So most of you want to know what´s next?
The next big thing will be The first Pic Of The Year contest.
The readers of this blog will get the chance to vote on all the previous Pic Of The Month winners, so I can announce the winner at the middle of October.

Nominees (as far as I know them by now) will be girls like: Nikki Benz, Puma Swede, Eve Angel, Jessica Drake, Mandy Bright, Dorothy Black, Bambola Visconti, Stoya, Riley Steele, Eufrat and Maria Mia

After that there is the Venus Erotic Fair in Berlin (October 21. – 24.) I hope to see a lot of you there.
Hopefully I can take some great pics (and even more) for you there.

So once again: THANK YOU, I´m going to write some more stuff and I hope you may like it.

Since most of you might already guessed, The story about “War On Porn” was an april joke.
I think everyone read it and thought: “Okay, we have April 1st. This has to be a joke.”
But to tell you the truth, I had so much fun writing it and sending Puma Swede to house arrest, with the chance to send her to Guantanamo Bay was a great bonus.
At this point I have to say thanks to this hilarious women: “Tack sa mycket, jag älskar dig.”
So let me get this clear, Europe has no plan to ban Porn, Obama has no attention to go on “War on Porn.”
You can all cancel your flights to Basel, AVN will take place in Vegas as usual (I think)
Let´s all hope that this joke will never come true.
April April as we would say in Germany
But you can visit Puma´s website here:

Puma Swede in Berlin 2007

Now it´s official the „War On Porn“ is on full effect.
The first person has been arrested.
Whitey´s Pic Of The Month winner Puma Swede is one of the two arrested persons during a sit in, in front of the Swedish embassy.

LAPD spokesperson Jeffrey Simmons told: “The person known as porn starlet Puma Swede has been arrested for violating the Patriot Act. She has been set free, but she is not allowed to leave her house.”
Governour Schwarzenegger said: “We will not tolerate this behavior, we are now checking what to do with this person.”
He said: “We have three possibilities: We could sent her to jail, sent her back to Sweden or that´s what I prefer: put her in a plane to Guantanamo.”
Since Swede is home again, she said: “Yes it´s true I´m not allowed to go outside or talk about what happened. But f*** it. I was sitting there with a Poster that said “Free Speech” saying nothing at all. Then all of a sudden the cops came and took me away.”
She also said: “I´m thinking about an escape to Switzerland, in this strange situation it seems that Swiss politics are the only ones that won´t get all crazy. So watch out for my scenes from the Swiss Alps.”
Good to hear she never lost her humour, even in this hard situation.
At this moment it is not clear, what will happen next.
Some companies have plans to move to Basel, which seems to become the next Porn Mekka.
According to sources that ask to not publish their names, the next AVN wil take place from January 7th to January 10th in Basel.
Swiss head of state Doris Leuthard: “Once again Swiss will welcome all members of the adult industry with open arms.”
President of the EU Parliament Jerzy Budek told: “If any of those people, try to cross European borders, we will arrest them and punish them with all the possibilities we have.”

For all those who read thos after April 1st: This is a joke.
Check previous articles for more information :
Europe attend to ban Porn

Obama joins war on Porn

I started a joke

Don´t forget to check Puma´s website here:

Pic of the month december:

Puma Swede

Gorgeous Puma Swede won Pic Of The Month in December.

I´ve taken this pic in October 2007 in Berlin at the Venus erotic fair, to be honest I´ve wouldn´t take this pic today.

She wasn´t at the booth, just walking around (I believe she just took something to eat or something like that) and rushed back to the booth.

I saw her and made that pic.

Although it wasn´t the best timing, she found time to smile into my lense.

She already commented that pic on Twitter: “I look crazy, lol”

You´re not only looking crazy, you are crazy. (But in a lovely way)

I got the chance to meet her twice. At Venus Fair 2007 & 2008.

Once at the Naughty America booth and the other year at Free Ones.

Both times she was hilarious.

In 2007 she was signing with Ava Devine. I came along and asked for a pic with both. When Ava noticed that I wore an Hustler T-Shirt they decided to sign that. Can´t say that I was amused by that idea at that moment, (because it was a brand new shirt) but you don´t have a chance against them. When we took the picture Ava decided to pull my dick out, again no chance to fight back. 😉 (No I want show you the pic, unless you´re Puma or Ava)

The other year she was there with Nikki Benz and one of the first things I saw where those lovely blond ladies wrestling down a guy at the booth.

Plus she told me how to pronounce my name right (it´s a nordic name).

Thanks for that.

So this Swedish lady is CRAZY, but lovely.

Jag älskar dig. (The only Swedish words I know)

Send congrats to her Twitter Page PumaSwede

Or go to her page: