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Lovely Sabrina Deep is this weeks winner

Sabrina Deep

Sabrina Deep

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Final Edition of World Bukkake Tour to Bring Free Sex With Adult Stars in 11 Metropolis Throughout the World.

Sabrina Deep

Sabrina Deep

Adult performer Sabrina Deep announces the launch of her World Bukkake Tour which will see her and fellow pornstars offering citizens of 11 capitals of the world the chance to experience sex with a professional adult performer for free.

These days, live and recorded events featuring adult stars interacting in bed with their fans are flourishing but all started in 2008 when Sabrina decided that it was time for adult performers to get closer to their fans the dirty way and that doing it for free was the least that could be done to reward those who make adult stars status possible.

Five years later, Sabrina Deep announces the launch of her latest and final WBT and defines it as “the best itinerant adult social network after the US electoral campaign”.

“I can’t afford their (US presidential candidates) budgets,” says Deep. “but in the end it’s all about connecting with people to screw them; surely, i phisically face my supporters when i fuck them and being screwed by me won’t cost a cent and it’s going to be painless, but many similarities remain.”

This year’s World Bukkake Tour will start from Barcelona in September and it will end in Los Angeles in January 2013 after having brought the sex-with-a-pornstar experience to 11 capitals throughout the world. Announced as Sabrina’s final WBT, this year’s edition will be remembered as a spectacular one.

“I’ll be turning 34 in September and after 5 years of traveling the world for months at a time every year, I need to start finding some time for myself and my family. I won’t retire from porn, but I feel the need to slow down and dedicate myself more to family stuff. That’s why for this year’s edition I wanted to give everything I have and make it something exceptional.”

Thanks to sponsorship from adult webcam worldwide leader and from the biggest adult star database this year’s WBT will offer everyone the chance to follow from the comfort of their homes. will exclusively stream 5 dates live, while on Sabrina’s fans will be able to watch the action and behind the scenes exclusive footage.

Several adult stars are going to join Sabrina in the events in different cities. Natasha Starr will be the special guest at the New York City date in November, while others will be revealed later this year. The grand finale in Los Angeles, scheduled for Jan 12th 2013 will see the participation of an AVN Hall of Fame super star sensation who will make the final WBT date ever the best possible end.

“It’s gonna be great to share my fans with Natasha Starr in New York. She loves bukkake and gangbangs and I love her, her attitude and looks. For the grand finale I have possibly got one of the biggest adult stars of all time. She constantly tops the best seller charts, she is definitely a fan favorite and my fans will not believe it when I’ll announce her name.
She is the best, a role model in the industry for me and most of all a beloved friend.”

The AVN Hall of Famer will be announced to the press on August 16th and her participation in Sabrina’s WBT is bound to create a media storm.

People who would like to participate can apply at as long as they are 21 or older and they can provide a nominal valid HIV and STD’s certificate no older than 2 weeks before the date of each event. In Europe, participants will also have to submit to a rapid HIV test performed by a qualified nurse on the same day as the event.

The full schedule of the World Bukkake Tour features:

Sep1 Barcelona ES
Sep 19 Dusseldorf DE
Sep 22 Mannheim DE
Oct 17 Berlin DE
Oct 23 Phoenix USA
Nov 3 New York City USA
Nov 4 New York City USA
Nov 17 Paris FR
Nov 24 London UK
Dec 22 Toronto CA
Jan 5 Miami USA
Jan 12 Los Angeles USA

About Sabrina Deep, a pioneer in turning the table in the relationship between adult performers and their fans, has won several awards and accolades during her career; a convinced charity fundraiser, Deep has recently announced that she will donate one cent for every of her Twitter followers to charities every month:

Media Contact
Media interested in interviewing Sabrina or in receiving custom images, please contact Fabio at

I know, I´m late on this one, but here are the tour dates.

Jun 25: Paris – FR
Jun 26: London – UK
Jul 09: Barcelona – ES
Jul 23: Phoenix – USA
Jul 30: New York – USA
Aug 20: Toronto – CA
Aug 21: Toronto – CA
Aug 27: Vancouver – CA
Sep 20: Berlin – DE
Oct 01: Los Angeles – USA
Oct 08: Miami – USA
Oct 14: Dallas – USA
Oct 16: New York – USA
Oct 28: Manchester – UK
Oct 29: London – UK
Nov 12: Budapest – HU
Nov 19: Rome – IT
Jan 06: Las Vegas – USA
Jan 08: Los Angeles – USA

And here is a little BTS clip

I asked Sabrina Deep a few a question, since she launched her new site

1) What is is a free site that brings together adult stars who love
stalking their beloved fans. Visitors get a chance to interact
directly with the women and keep track of their activities.
The site features live web cam show, worldwide tour dates for personal
meetings and, of course, links to web sites and social networking
accounts for the “stalkers.” It is also home to FanStalker TV, a web-based
entertainment channel featuring both live and recorded material.

2) Who are the fanstalkers?

Professional Pornstars who do what they do driven by the love for their job and for sex and who are not afraid to engage their fans and to intercat with them on a personal level. No fans = no party and therefore why not partying also with fans and not only with professional actors?

3) How did you and Gina Blonde meet?

We met two years ago, while i was touring Germany. We immediately shared a laid back attitude and i can really say that it has been first sight love. Gina is a fantastic person, a great performer and a hot woman, but most of all she is a friend.

4) You did the “World Bukkake tour 2010”, tell us a little about that?

I did more than 20 dates all around the world and i met more than 1000 fans. It has been a blast and a wonderful experience; it has given me the chance to know a lot of beautiful people whom i’m befriending now, to be on the Howard Stern Show once again, to shoot the FanBang movie with Ginger Lynn and Sasha Knox in the porn valley and lastr but not least to get off hundreds of times eheheh

5) Dou plan to make a new one?

Yes. The 2011 tour will be announced within days and it will be a bit different from last year one; for the better i hope Sorriso It might be my last one, although i’m not sure yet, and therefore i want it to be the best ever and to make it something to be remembered for, by my fans. Oh…and it take off from Germany, in May Occhiolino

6) When you take look at the poll on, you notice that most of those who voted think that Pornstars don´t interact with their fans. What do you think about it?

We put that poll on both as a provocation and a test to see if we were right about the fanstalker concept; but we already knew that we are right about it. The adult industry has never been capable or maybe even willing to really involve the fans in the production process; even the so called amateur porn is scripted and performed by professional performers, nowdays, and therefore it misses that real life touch that you think it should have. As the poll results said: there is no much interaction between Pornstars and their fans. Until now. I’m sure that we are just those who are opening the way to an incoming generation of Pornstars who will have to seriously reconsider their relationship with their fans, in order to get any. There is enough choice of content and girls out there to overdose 10 times the number of the worldwide porn consumers: either you relate to your fans on a personal level or they will soon ignore you.

7) What was the craziest thing that ever happened to you during a fan bang?

What about having little people eating and spitting fire while you get punded by a bunch of fans? I must say that the FanBang set was the craziest thing that ever happened to me during a fan bang.


8 ) How old were you, when you had your first gang bang?

28. And i’m so happy about that. You need a certain level of maturity and experience to do certain things in life. I’m pretty sure that if i had my first gangbang when i was let’s say 20, i would have at least a few regrets right now. I feel for most of the girls out there who start a porn career in their teens, doing everything and doing it immediately; i’m pretty sure that they enjoy a fraction of it and that they regret most of it, most of the times when they grow older.

9) How was it?

It was fantastic. 77 men for 8 hours in a row. I wanted it, i arranged it, i was ready for it. And therefore i was very pleased, afterwards.

10) Why should fans visit

The site features live web cam show, worldwide tour dates for personal
meetings and, of course, links to web sites and social networking
accounts for the “stalkers.” It is also home to FanStalker TV, a web-based
entertainment channel featuring both live and recorded material.
The fan is King at and the Pornstars get personal with the King.

11) Right now the fanstalker are Gina Blonde and you, any girls will join you?

Yes. Two more well known industry girls will join us starting from June and July respectively. We count on having even more girls jumping in; there are many girls out there who recognize how much fun it is to get closer to their fans versus snobbing them.

12) Is there an ultimate scene, that you would like to do?

I have a few unfulfilled fantasies, yes. But fantasies are a very personal thing and they should never been told to anybody, so that when they become true they retain all their power and you won’t be disappointed.

13) Anything you like to tell your fans?

What can i say…i’m a lucky person and i hope i can give you back a part of what you give to me on a daily basis. I love you. And thanks for loving me.

+1 and since I know you´re not superstitious here is the plus 1:

13 + 1) What would be the least think you would do on a Friday, 13th?

To cancel a gangbang with 13 men, based on superstition. 13 is better than 12.

Watch Out! The Fan Stalkers are Coming

A Pool of Adult Stars Subvert the Hierarchies of Adult Entertainment

The adult entertainment industry has long sought to produce quality
content for its fans. In turn, porn fans continually chase after a
more personalized and intimate adult entertainment experience.
Until now, that has meant video, phone sex or the chance to see a
favorite porn star live in a club or at a convention.

Thanks to Fanstalker.Net, all of that is about to change. In an effort
to get closer to their fans, a pool of pornstars led by XBIZ Award
nominated Sabrina Deep ( is embarking on a venture
that will change adult entertainment forever. Stepping down from their
pornstar pedestals, women like Sabrina, Gina Blonde and other top
stars will get closer than ever to their fans, exchanging phone
numbers, interviewing them, meeting them in person and even making
their ultimate fantasies come true in bed.

“There is something very exciting about getting so personal with fans;
it’s like flirting on your first date” says Sabrina Deep. “I have been
travelling the world and meeting my fans for the last four years and
I have always been driven by this desire to stalk new prey. Now, it is
the time to promote this philosophy and to create a new niche in adult
entertainment.” is a free site that brings together adult stars who love
stalking their beloved fans. Visitors get a chance to interact
directly with the women and keep track of their activities.
The site features live web cam show, worldwide tour dates for personal
meetings and, of course, links to web sites and social networking
accounts for the “stalkers.” It is also home to FanStalker TV, a web-based
entertainment channel featuring both live and recorded material.

Fanstalker Gina Blonde is thrilled to be part of the site and this new
movement in adult entertainment. “I am very excited to be a fanstalker”
says Gina. “As performers we wouldn’t be much without our fans. After
hundreds of movies I feel like it’s time for me to stalk a few of my
fans and get them in front of the camera and in bed with me.
FanStalker gives me a chance to cultivate a new relationship with
my fans. I don’t want to gain their favor passively: I want to seek
them out, share a slice of my private life with them and work with

Stars who share Sabrina and Gina’s lust for life and passion for their
fans are welcome to join the Fanstalker network and movement and to
embrace the enthusiasm of millions of fans throughout the world
who want to get closer to their favorite performers. Affiliation requests
can be submitted through the Models section on the Fanstalker website. offers webmaster the chance to earn affiliate income by
promoting the fanstalkers’ web sites. Webmasters can send traffic to the
unique fanstalker program and earn money while promoting stars who
give their fans what they have always dreamed of.

Come see the latest porn sensation: hot porn stars who
stalk their fans, only on


Sabrina Deep (topless)

She is a “fan stalker”. Let´s just say she takes care for her fans in a special way.
When I read her tweets some days ago, she was starting a fan quest.
If a certain pic was retweeted 500 times in 5 days, she will publish her telephone number on Twitter.
So I thought I want to know more about her and I wanted to letting you know more about her.
So here is the interview.

Whitey: For those of you who don´t know you already. Who are you?
Sabrina Deep: Sabrina Deep. Boring but that’s me 🙂

W:You describe yourself as a fanstalker, can you explain this?
SD: I “stalk” fans. I would be nobody without fans and like me any other adult performer. Let’s say that i’m conscious of that and that i behave accordingly.

W:You started a “fan quest”, with a pretty remarkable price. What is that about?
SD:Giving me fans my telephone number. But it’s less crazy as it might sound…my website members can already get my tel number on my site since one year.

W: What do you think, people would tell if they´re gonna call you?
SD: The silliest things ever, probably. I love men, especially when i meet them in person. When it’s cyber, they are all “uber-something”, hung, experienced…that’s the all point about cyber: be whom you’re not. But then if we meet live it’s gonna be amazing against your mental odds.

W: You´´ve done a “Fanbang” hosted by Ginger Lynn. How was it? Especially working with Ginger Lynn.
SD: Ginger Lynn is a very very beautiful person. And “at work” she is the most professional person i’ve dealt with, ever. I’m lucky to have worked with her and to have become her friend. We hear each other regularly and she’s teaching me a lot, not only industry-wise.

W:You´re going to have two fan bangs in Germany in December. Could you tell us a little about that?
SD: Cum, Gina Blonde, lots of cocks, creampies, anal, facials, swallowing, dp, the break when we all eat a little bit of something before starting again…it’ll be fun 🙂

W: Where is it going to be?
SD: Mannheim on December 11th and Weisweiler on December 13th. I think it’s fully booked already.

W:How could you be a part of that?
SD: Apply or try to (i think it’s fully booked as i said) at

Sabrina Deep (non nude)

W: You´ve been in Berlin in October for the Venus Fair, how did you like that?
SD: Great fun! I love to show off and what i like about Germany is that you can show off in the right spot.

W: Is it any different than other conventions you´ve been too?
SD: Absolutely! As i said, it’s unique. I was naked showing off by the booth and that certainly is not possible at any other convention arount the world.

W: What are you up to in the future?
SD: Honestly, beside the “usual” stuff that i’m up to, i don’t know. It’s good to plan on a short term according to your own mood and to what you really wanna do in that particular time of the year. I’d like to keep enjoying life as i’m doing at the moment.

W: How can people reach you on the internet?
SD:You can follow me on Twitter at or on the forums of my World Bukkake Tour website – or if you throw a lot of money into cigarettes and booze, you might want to spare 25 bucks to throw onto my website – – and watch thousands of my videos and pictures.

W: How do you celebrate Christmas?
SD: With love and respect like the rest of the year.

W: 13 +1 This is a bonus question: If you are superstitious and don´t want to answer “13” questions, you can answer this one.
What other things are you superstitious about?

SD: I’m not superstitious. Give me 13 guys and i’ll do them eheheh

Pictures were taken at the Venus Erotic Fair in Berlin 2010.
By the way the non nude picture is probably one of the only with clothes on. Because she told me, that I was the only one that asked for a non nude pic. 😉