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The unique Stoya is this weeks winner



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One of the most gorgeous and nicest women I´ve met has her birthday today. So feel free to wish her Happy Birthday at

and don´t forget to buy her FLESHLIGHT

Stoya at Venus Berlin 2010

This clip is crazy… and I love it.
And if you haven´t already, you can buy your Stoya Fleshlight here
You should be quick, because it´s always hard to get. I wanted to get her mouth at Venus Berlin in October and simply couldn´t, because it was sold out there.
When I asked Stoya about it, she told me that since it came to Europe it sells pretty good.

The last post was blog number 50.
I think this some kind of anniversary.
So I celebrate it with some pictures I took during the last years.
If you like them tell me.

I also would like to know, how you like this blog so far.
What could/should I change?

Give me some advice!!!
What would you like to see/read here?
Feel free to comment on the posts here.

I appreciate every single one of them (at least I will if they are not too rude, aggressive or you try to threaten someone).
When I post something up here, I always like to have your opinion on that topic.

So everyone who came here during the last 50 posts, thank you.
Everyone who retweeded it, told others on Facebook or shared it with others: THANK YOU

So most of you want to know what´s next?
The next big thing will be The first Pic Of The Year contest.
The readers of this blog will get the chance to vote on all the previous Pic Of The Month winners, so I can announce the winner at the middle of October.

Nominees (as far as I know them by now) will be girls like: Nikki Benz, Puma Swede, Eve Angel, Jessica Drake, Mandy Bright, Dorothy Black, Bambola Visconti, Stoya, Riley Steele, Eufrat and Maria Mia

After that there is the Venus Erotic Fair in Berlin (October 21. – 24.) I hope to see a lot of you there.
Hopefully I can take some great pics (and even more) for you there.

So once again: THANK YOU, I´m going to write some more stuff and I hope you may like it.

This month winner is the incredible Stoya.
The picture was taken at Venus Erotic Fair in Berlin 2008, where the (now) 24 year old gemini from North Carolina was signing for Digital Playground.
One other thing you might want to know is: You now can have sex with this cute girl.
Fleshlight recently brought out their new Stoya toy.
You can look up for it here:
So all your dreams can come true (at least some of them).
Congrats to Stoya
Twitter account:
or MySpace:

Stoya and Marilyn Manson breaking up

Stoya and Marilyn Manson breaking up

One of the hottest girls in the industry is back on the market.

Stoya at Venus Berlin 2008

Stoya at Venus Berlin 2008

Marilyn Manson said in Metal Hammer: ““But I think that a lot of people will agree that me being me at my best [is what] I need to be. I think that that really paid off because I’m back with Evan, that’s kind of breaking news, you can be the first one to say that.”

Stoya took it pretty easily and posted on Twitter: “We simply weren’t right for each other. Just because we had fun doesn’t mean we were meant to be long term. C’est la vie.“

The gorgeous Stoya was released/fired from her Digital Playground contract some months ago, after the swastika affair. (Manson shaved a swastika in Stoya´s pubic area)

Let´s see what this unusual but real sexy girl has coming up for us, hope there will be some great stuff.