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Here are the beautiful nominees for the Pic Of The Month – January 2011

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Only 27 days until the world biggest erotic fair Venus opens.
So today I´m gonna show you some pictures I made 2007.
I hope I don´t get sued for the first one 😉

As LA DIRECT announced at their 10 years anniversary a few days ago, ANGELINA ARMANI had signed a contract with them.
Good luck to both of them.
LA DIRECT lists some of the top stars in adult entertainment, like KAYLANI LEI, AVA DEVINE, PHOENIX MARIE, APRIL O´NEIL or DIANA DOLL.
Yoú can contact Angelina Armani through TWITTER or FACEBOOK and of course you can visit her website CLUBARMANI.COM

Ava Devine is back.

One of the wildest stars in adult industry is back in the saddle.
Since Ava Devine retired in 2008, she has returned.
You can download six new scenes from this year on: NaughtyAmerica.com
She is listed at LA Direct Models
Some of you might blush when you read what she is available for.
But most of you will know her older scenes and know what she is up to.
I had the chance to meet her twice in Berlin @ Venus.
Both times she had me blushed. Once when we had a picture taken together when she fondled my private parts, back in 2005 I think.
The second time was back in 2007, when I had a picture taken with her and the hilarious Puma Swede. This time she not only fondled, but unpacked it. (Sorry, but this pic will stay in my own private area).

Just seconds before the said incident.

I know she´ll come out with some amazing scenes.

Visit LA Direct Models website here: www.ladirectmodels

and you can enjoy the site from Naughty America here: www.naughtyamerica.com

Pic of the month december:

Puma Swede

Gorgeous Puma Swede won Pic Of The Month in December.

I´ve taken this pic in October 2007 in Berlin at the Venus erotic fair, to be honest I´ve wouldn´t take this pic today.

She wasn´t at the booth, just walking around (I believe she just took something to eat or something like that) and rushed back to the booth.

I saw her and made that pic.

Although it wasn´t the best timing, she found time to smile into my lense.

She already commented that pic on Twitter: “I look crazy, lol”

You´re not only looking crazy, you are crazy. (But in a lovely way)

I got the chance to meet her twice. At Venus Fair 2007 & 2008.

Once at the Naughty America booth and the other year at Free Ones.

Both times she was hilarious.

In 2007 she was signing with Ava Devine. I came along and asked for a pic with both. When Ava noticed that I wore an Hustler T-Shirt they decided to sign that. Can´t say that I was amused by that idea at that moment, (because it was a brand new shirt) but you don´t have a chance against them. When we took the picture Ava decided to pull my dick out, again no chance to fight back. 😉 (No I want show you the pic, unless you´re Puma or Ava)

The other year she was there with Nikki Benz and one of the first things I saw where those lovely blond ladies wrestling down a guy at the booth.

Plus she told me how to pronounce my name right (it´s a nordic name).

Thanks for that.

So this Swedish lady is CRAZY, but lovely.

Jag älskar dig. (The only Swedish words I know)

Send congrats to her Twitter Page PumaSwede

Or go to her page: www.pumaswede.com