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Here it is: White´s Pic Of The Year 2010 contest.
Most if you who follow this site, know the Pic Of The Month (which is voted by Twitter and Facebook users).
This time it´s your turn.
You can vote by click at your favorite at the poll below the gallery.
Don´t get me wrong, there will be no price money or cars here to win. (Unless I win the lottery the next days).
It´s more or less a fun thing.
But probably there will be some kind of award.
So here are the nominees.

As you may notice this gallery contains 13 pictures/nominees.
I started the contest in September 2009, but I wanted it to end exactly at the time Venus takes place. So I wanted to give every contestant the chance to win.

Cast your vote here:

This month winner is Russian beauty Bambola (aka Bambola Visconti / Slada Fire).
This is pretty much everything I could find about her.
According to iafd.com she worked in the adult entertainment business from 2001 until 2008.
This picture was taken at the Venus in Berlin 2008.