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Pic of the Week nominee

Enjoy this weeks nominees… and don´t forget to vote

Pic Of The Week nominees

Enjoy these nominees

Enjoy this weeks nominees

Finally I managed to get to all my pictures.
This year was really small… but nevermind, I met some great people and had a great time.
See you all next year.

Enjoy the pics of these lovely ladies…

This month everything is a little different.
I decided to put up 10 pictures from Venus 2013.
Since this is twice as much as I usually post, you get the two votes.
So enjoy the pics and vote…

Venus Berlin 2013 – Day 1

Okay, Venus isn´t what it used to be.
I realy missed international stars.
But the girls that were there, were great.

More girls from Venus (Berlin)

Going through pics from the last years, I realized how lucky I´ve been, taking pictures of so many great women.

Cast your votes for one of these beautiful women:

Too tired now to write a good text, but I know most of you just want to see pics.

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