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A few weeks ago, I asked you for help for my friend Elexis Monroe.
Here is just a little reminder.


Help Elexis Monroe

Elexis Monroe

Elexis Monroe

When you visit this site on a regular base, you might have noticed the wonderful Elexis Monroe.
As I´m writing this, she is in the operating room.
A few days ago they found an abscess in her left jar, that spread to her ear.
So as you can see, this is life-threatening.
I don´t want to talk about the health care system in the US, but since she has no health insurance, it´s a pretty tough situation.
I never seen this gorgeous woman (who is a single mother) asking for anything.
So if you want to help her out, simply use PayPal.com use the e-mail address elexis08@gmail.com
Also tell her to get well on ´Twitter.com/ElexisMonroe

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