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Pic Of The Mont - Febrúary: Beautiful Eufrat

Beautiful Eufrat at Venus Berlin 2010

It´s pretty hard to find some informations about this beauty.
Her real name is Jana Potysova, so this might help with the search.
Found a Twitter and a Facebook account.
But anyway. Congrats to Beautiful Eufrat.

Miss Free Ones: Have you voted yet?

The biggest gift God gave us is the freewill.

I know it´s weird to start a blog about porn with God. But, why not?

We have the power to choose. But in this case it´s not that easy to choose.

Have you ever been in the situation to choose between 2 really good things, and now it´s even more difficult.

There are 191 choices, and every choice is beautiful.

To be honest you´re able to choose ten times, but it still is hard to choose.

Here are some of the contestants.

Alektra Blue

Join the club at www.clubalektrablue.com

Ashley Fires

Visit Ashley on www.Ashleyfires.com

Blue Angel

Visit this Angel at blueangellive.com

Bree Olson

Visit Bree at www.breeolson.com

Dana DeArmond

join Dana on www.theinternetsgirlfriend.com

Jessica Drake

Tak a look at jessicadrake.com

Nikki Benz

Nikki Benz

I´m pretty sure you want to visit nikkibenz.com

Puma Swede

Visit this hilarious blonde on www.pumaswede.com

Sandra Shine

See her on www.sandrashinlive.com


Visit this hot MILF on www.deauxma.net

And these are only a few, there a dozens of beautiful girl waiting for you to vote.

Here is the complete list:  MissFreeOnes.com

You don´t have to register, But if you do, you get the chance win a trip to LA to celebrate Miss Free Ones.

But if I were you I wouldn´t register. I would leave the chance to berlinwhitey;-)

All pics by whitey.

Pic of the month december:

Puma Swede

Gorgeous Puma Swede won Pic Of The Month in December.

I´ve taken this pic in October 2007 in Berlin at the Venus erotic fair, to be honest I´ve wouldn´t take this pic today.

She wasn´t at the booth, just walking around (I believe she just took something to eat or something like that) and rushed back to the booth.

I saw her and made that pic.

Although it wasn´t the best timing, she found time to smile into my lense.

She already commented that pic on Twitter: “I look crazy, lol”

You´re not only looking crazy, you are crazy. (But in a lovely way)

I got the chance to meet her twice. At Venus Fair 2007 & 2008.

Once at the Naughty America booth and the other year at Free Ones.

Both times she was hilarious.

In 2007 she was signing with Ava Devine. I came along and asked for a pic with both. When Ava noticed that I wore an Hustler T-Shirt they decided to sign that. Can´t say that I was amused by that idea at that moment, (because it was a brand new shirt) but you don´t have a chance against them. When we took the picture Ava decided to pull my dick out, again no chance to fight back. 😉 (No I want show you the pic, unless you´re Puma or Ava)

The other year she was there with Nikki Benz and one of the first things I saw where those lovely blond ladies wrestling down a guy at the booth.

Plus she told me how to pronounce my name right (it´s a nordic name).

Thanks for that.

So this Swedish lady is CRAZY, but lovely.

Jag älskar dig. (The only Swedish words I know)

Send congrats to her Twitter Page PumaSwede

Or go to her page: www.pumaswede.com