Pic Of The Month November and AVN Awards nominee Dia Zerva answers 13+1 questions

W: Who are you?
DZ_ Dia Zerva

W: Is there a question you´ve never been asked, and wonder why nobody ever has?
DZ: Hmmm I would say, no.

W: You are the head of your own little island, could you tell me three things you would ban (material or non)?
DZ: Conservative clothing, bad attitudes & illness

W: A boy turns 18 and hasn´t seen a porn movie yet, what movie would you give him/tell him to see.
DZ: This is non porn but I would have to say Fear with Reese Witherspoon!

W: What was the strangest thing that you´ve ever been asked in an interview?
DZ: I believe this question! 🙂

W: What was the strangest thing that ever happened to you at a convention or signing?
DZ: Blowing up balloons and popping them with fellow stars during Venus Berlin. I brought the balloons as I have a site www.merrypoppings.com and we really went to town!

W:What was the worst pick up line you ever heard?
DZ: Someone mouthed to me once “fuck me” from at least 20 feet away. It was creepy at first so I decided to mimic him. We both ended up laughing as he knew that I wasn’t going to.

W: What was the best?
DZ: You made my sex life better but I threw my back out from jerking off to your wrestling matches. (Huh?)

Dia Zerva

Dia Zerva

W: Can you tell us a weird fact about you?
DZ: I kick ass making Greek Food and I have a weakness for English accents.

W: If you could choose a star (not XXX star) doing a cameo in one of you movies (not necessary a XXX role), who would it be?
DZ: I would say Kate Hudson or Heather Graham

W: If you could change one thing in the adult business, what would it be?
DZ: The stigma that we all have sex with everyone. Sex is very personal for me and in my personal life I really keep it sacred.

W: Are there some FAQ´s you can´t hear anymore?
DZ: I’m not sure how to answer this question but facts about me: I am a Marine Corps Veteran who was a French Horn Musician in the band, I have been playing guitar since I was little, I love Brazilian Jiu-jitsu and have 4 fetish sites: www.merrypoppings.com, <a href="http://clips.diazerva.com/”>clips.diazerva.com, www.hairworship.com, www.tickledandteased.com, www.cleanfetish.com

W: Is there any toy, you still play with?
DZ: I love the Celebrator for travel, the Hitachi for home as well as the Njoy Eleven

W:Bonus question:
So you are superstitious and don´t want to answer 13 questions… Are there any other things you are superstitious about?
I am not superstitious about the number 13, but I do believe in the full moon and presenting your opened wallet to it and saying “fill it up” three times!

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