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Venus 2015 – day 2

Enjoy pics rom day 2

Enjoy this weeks nominees and don´t forget to vote

Finally I managed to get to all my pictures.
This year was really small… but nevermind, I met some great people and had a great time.
See you all next year.

Ladies and Gentleman here it is…
The moment you waited all year long.
You voted for your favorite pictures.
So here they are your favorite pictures this year.
Now it´s your turn again.
You can vote for three pics a day.
So once again… ENJOY AND VOTE

… and the Pic Of The Month goes to… Kitty Core
Congrats to German bombshell Kitty Core
Herzlichen Glückwunsch!!!
(Sorry, but I had to do the cheesy Oscar joke)

Kitty Core

Kitty Core

Follow her on Twitter.com/realkittycore
Visit: kitty-core.net

Here are the last winners/nominees for March 2014

Congrats to German bombshell Kitty Core

Kitty Core

Kitty Core

Follow Twitter.com/realkittycore
You might also visit kitty-core.net

Pic Of The Week nominees

Enjoy and vote

Venus Berlin 2013 – Day 1

Okay, Venus isn´t what it used to be.
I realy missed international stars.
But the girls that were there, were great.

My anniversary – My 10th Venus

Actually the convention was pretty disappointing. There were pretty few internationals.
The only big US company was (once again) Girlfriends Films and they did a great job. (As usual 😉 )
Since they only had three halls this year it was pretty packed.
You can only hope, that the Venus will come back to what it was years ago. A come together for the whole adult entertainment family, with the big companies and lot more international/US girls.
But anyway, I did enjoy it eitherway.

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