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Enjoy the pictures I took from friday

Enjoy this weeks lovely nominees… and don´t forget to vote

Sexy Soccer 2016

It was the match of the year…
Germany faced Northern Ireland.
Heavy rain before the game made the field… let´s just say it wasn´t the best condition.
But right before the game the rain stopped and it could start.
Causing a little traffic jam and the famous Checkpoint Charlie, because they made the coin toss there.
At the end it was a 13-3 for Germany.
But who counts? It was a load of fun.

Enjoy this weeks lovely nominees

Enjoy this weeks lovely nominees

This month is something special.
Usually I´ll put on pics from several years. This month all the pics are rom this years Venus.

Venus 2015 – day 2

Enjoy pics rom day 2

So, this was this years Venus.

Finally I managed to get to all my pictures.
This year was really small… but nevermind, I met some great people and had a great time.
See you all next year.

New week, new month, new nominees…

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