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I know, I know. But this is important and this time it´s funny.
It´s easier now than ever to get porn. But to honor your father watch this and do the same, well not exactly.

and now buy some DVDs , Magazines or become a member of a (official) website.
But remember to PAy FOR PORN.

Worlwide 177,3 Euro (240,9 Mio.$ ) are spent for XXX on the Internet.
That are 2052 Euro´s per second (2788,04 $) .
I thinks that not enough, if you think about how many viewers are on Tube sides or using Rapid Share sites. (Shame on you.)
I think those girls work hard to give pleasure to us. So deserve their mones, if you actually look at their schedules and what they actually do, you might think the same.
If you take car a bit, you´ll look a bit closer. Than you might see, how hard most of the girls in adult entertainment really work for their money.

They´re not only act in the scenes (that we´re all enjoying), but running their own websites, go on dancing tours (sadly not that much in Germany ;-( ) and give us the chance to meeting them on conventions.
So if you visit Tube sites or download a movie through rapid share, think about this. Would you work for free. Your actually not better than anyone, who steals from shops or would you steal Nikki Benz´ purse.
If you would, I´d bet you won´t get away with that 😉

So Pay For Porn.
So contact your favourite girl (or guy) in the industry and tell them how much you appreciate their work.
As some actor once said: “We´re all just here for the applause.” So clap your hands and then open your purses.

If you want to visit Nikki Benz´ website click: www.nikkibenz.com