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The third day must have been one of the worst day in the prosecutors career.

They wanted to show a trailer of “Belladonnas Fetish Fanatic 5”, but funny is they couldn´t make it run with sound.
So Judge Leon decided that it could not be used as an evidence.
After a year and a half this is really poor.
I mean c´mon we all had our technical difficulties, but if you are not able to solve them in 18 month… damn, that´s poor.
The next day came up with the next mistake by the prosecutor, they told different versions about the communication with the Federals.
So that´s basically the reasons why they had to throw the case down.

So if you can deal with obscenery here you can find the trailer to Milk Nymphos.

At 1:43 pm Aurora Snow tweeted: “Stagliano goes free 🙂 Case dismissed- justice served!”

Two minutes later Evil Angel tweeted: “Judge dismissed the entire case for all 3 defendents. Case is over, and chalked up as an acquittal”

Judge Richard Leon decided that the case will be thrown out due to a lack of Evidence.

This means it´s over JOHN STAGLIANO IS FREE.

But don´t be too excited, I bet it won´t be the last time we hear such an sorry.

So stand up for your right to watch porn, show them we are legion, we are many.


Most of might have heard about the Stagliano trial by now.
If not here´s the short version:
John Stagliano faces up to 32 years in prison for making several fetish films and selling them through the internet.
That´s the short version. If you look it up, you find all the details.

Adult FYI – 32 years and $7M in Fines at Stake in Stagliano trial

Luke Is Back: Judge Denied Motion in Stagliano Case


Luke is Back – STAGLIANO Trial begins – Day 1

This is totally ridiculous. Okay, most Evil Angel movies are not the average “Mainstream” porn movies.
But, so what…? When you read the titles like, you know what you can expect.
There are something in this case that totally makes me sick.

What´s up with the first Amendment? Free speech… do you remember?
When you say there is no censorship, you should not be allowed to censor any kind of art.
Yep, I said it. Porn is art (at least iin my eyes). Do I like every porn movie? No.
Is every porn movie good? No.
But so what, not every book is well done.
Not every painting is good. That´s not the point art should not be censored.
Every Nazi is allowed to say that there was no Holocaust, but when yoou fuck someone on camera, it´s no we don´t allow this here.

The next thing that irritates me is, how are you supposed to judge a movie, that you didn´t see full length.
The judge said, that the jury won´t see the whole movies.
So they only will see scenes from it. (About an hout).
So no one will say that for example “Schindler´s list.” is a movie that should be forbidden, same with “Saving Private Ryan” “Apocalypse Now” or masterpieces like that. But let me show a trailer with 1 hour length out of these.
I bet you will be shocked and say: “No one should ever see such brutal movies.”
But this is what´s going on, the jury should judge without seeing it, in it´s full length.

Sorry, for venting, but this made me angry.


and LukeIsBack.com will post when anything happens in this trial.

BTW do you remember my April joke blog about
War on Porn? Think about it.
Picture courtesy of Wikipedia

Worlwide 177,3 Euro (240,9 Mio.$ ) are spent for XXX on the Internet.
That are 2052 Euro´s per second (2788,04 $) .
I thinks that not enough, if you think about how many viewers are on Tube sides or using Rapid Share sites. (Shame on you.)
I think those girls work hard to give pleasure to us. So deserve their mones, if you actually look at their schedules and what they actually do, you might think the same.
If you take car a bit, you´ll look a bit closer. Than you might see, how hard most of the girls in adult entertainment really work for their money.

They´re not only act in the scenes (that we´re all enjoying), but running their own websites, go on dancing tours (sadly not that much in Germany ;-( ) and give us the chance to meeting them on conventions.
So if you visit Tube sites or download a movie through rapid share, think about this. Would you work for free. Your actually not better than anyone, who steals from shops or would you steal Nikki Benz´ purse.
If you would, I´d bet you won´t get away with that 😉

So Pay For Porn.
So contact your favourite girl (or guy) in the industry and tell them how much you appreciate their work.
As some actor once said: “We´re all just here for the applause.” So clap your hands and then open your purses.

If you want to visit Nikki Benz´ website click: www.nikkibenz.com

Since most of you might already guessed, The story about “War On Porn” was an april joke.
I think everyone read it and thought: “Okay, we have April 1st. This has to be a joke.”
But to tell you the truth, I had so much fun writing it and sending Puma Swede to house arrest, with the chance to send her to Guantanamo Bay was a great bonus.
At this point I have to say thanks to this hilarious women: “Tack sa mycket, jag älskar dig.”
So let me get this clear, Europe has no plan to ban Porn, Obama has no attention to go on “War on Porn.”
You can all cancel your flights to Basel, AVN will take place in Vegas as usual (I think)
Let´s all hope that this joke will never come true.
April April as we would say in Germany
But you can visit Puma´s website here: www.pumaswede.com

Since the so called „Oesterle bill“ got a wide acceptance in the EU parlament, the world reacts.
President Obama said: “I´ve sent foreing secretary Hillary Clinton to Brussels to talk to Angela Merkel, Nicolas Sarkozy and Silvio Berlusconi on that topic. The United States consider if that idea can be used here too. But I´m pretty confident, that we can join the Eu in the War On Porn.”
Meanwhile the pope said in Rome: “Finally the world comes to the path of christianity again.”
In L.A. there has been a sit in, in front of the Swedish embassy, according to LAPD there has been at least one arrest.
As Switzerland is the only European country which allows XXX Swiss´ head of state Doris Leuthards was asked about that, she told: “We offer asylum to everyone who is hunted in this crucial act of censorship.”

To anyone who read this article, check the date: Yes, it was publises on April 1st

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According to sources from the European Parlament, they want to prohibit all kinds of pornographic material.
The want to ban DVDs, magazines and websites (to get rid of all the XXX internetsides, German chancellor Angela Merkel contacts China to help them censoring all these).
President of the EU Parlament Jerzy Budek said: “I think with this idea we´re on the right way, to become a better society.“
The only country that won´t participate in this idea is Switzerland.
Swiss head of state Doris Leuthard said: “We think that the democratic idea of FREE SPEECH does apply to pornographic materials too.”
It´s been expected that members of the adult industry will seek for asylum in Basel, Zurich or Geneva.
May God help us all.

The letter that started it all.

Remember to check the date. (Hink April 1st )

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