Whenever I hear that Adam & Eve, Hustler or Vivid are about to release a new “This ain´t… XXX” parody I wonder why there is no “This ain´t Miami Vice XXX”
I was born in 1979 so I was like ten or eleven years old when the first episodes aired here in Germany.
My mom used to record them, watched it and decided if it was okay or too explicit for my younger me. So I didn´t see all of them until the time they were replayed years later.
Someday I bought episode 1 & 2 on DVD and watched them, only to catch me thinking: “Hey, this characters would fit into porn perfectly.”
I mean can you imagine Crockett (don´t you think James Deen would be a great Sonny?) and Tubbs visiting a porn set and instead of arresting everybody, it leads into a great orgy.
Or Gina (perfect role for Sunny Leone ) and Trudy (what about Jada Fire) taking their role as hookers a bit too serious.

Crockett and Gina could finally get down together on an observation.

So I hope and wait until someone will make this one.

Pics courtesy of Wikipedia