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Here are some more pictures from 2007.
… and it´s only 18 days until Venus 2010

Onl 19 days.
So here are some more pics from 2008
The last pic is a bonus for the ladies.
Enjoy them

Only 28 days

It´s only 28 days until Venus 2010 open it´s doors.
As I promised here is another gallery, it features pictures from 2008

PS All the germans, if you see the picture wth the Miss Venus Nominees, tell me if you recognize someone 😉

Notice, that I put an extra picture for the ladies into it.

So, enjoy these pics and tell me what you think about it.

I go to Strip Clubs because of the music

Recently I saw a guy with a T-Shirt on saying: “I go to Strip Clubs because of the music”

So my first thought was: “Yeah, right.”

But a moment later I start to think: “Wait a moment how important is the right music?”

First of all I have to say I don´t visit gentlemen´s clubs frequently (although some might think so).

Actually I only go there once a year, on my birthday with two or three friends.

The truth is you can ruin a great show with a lame ass song. The otherside is, if you´re good on the stage, every song can be great.

I´ve seen shows with beautiful girls, who were great dancers.but I hated the song they were dancing to. So I won´t get the feeling that this was a good show.

I took a look at the pictures I´ve taken and noticed that the girl did a great job.

But the poor lady has chosen a song that I absolutely couldn´t bear this song, so I left.

Although there is certain music that works especially in strip clubs. (Ever heard Lil´ Wayne´s Lollipop while you saw a beautiful lady dancing naked in front of you (if so: “Lucky you”)

So here are some songs that I think are great for strippers:

Rihanna – Russian roulette
Jay-Z – Venus vs. Mars
Alicia Keys – Try sleeping with a broken heart
Joe Cocker – You can leave your hat on
Lil Wayne – Lollipop
50 Cent – Candyshop
The Prodigy – Firestarter
Shirley Bassey – Big spender
Fever (a special version)
There are worse things I could do (from “Grease”)
Madonna – Erotica
Shirley Bassey – Goldfinger
Tina Turner – GoldenEye
Rammstein – Sonne
Lady Gaga – Paparazzi
Michael Jackson – Liberian girl
Pink Panther theme
Beyoncé – Halo
Frank Sinatra – That´s life

and although the holidays are over, thke this as bonus song
Santa baby (This version is from Kylie Minogue)