Since the so called „Oesterle bill“ got a wide acceptance in the EU parlament, the world reacts.
President Obama said: “I´ve sent foreing secretary Hillary Clinton to Brussels to talk to Angela Merkel, Nicolas Sarkozy and Silvio Berlusconi on that topic. The United States consider if that idea can be used here too. But I´m pretty confident, that we can join the Eu in the War On Porn.”
Meanwhile the pope said in Rome: “Finally the world comes to the path of christianity again.”
In L.A. there has been a sit in, in front of the Swedish embassy, according to LAPD there has been at least one arrest.
As Switzerland is the only European country which allows XXX Swiss´ head of state Doris Leuthards was asked about that, she told: “We offer asylum to everyone who is hunted in this crucial act of censorship.”

To anyone who read this article, check the date: Yes, it was publises on April 1st

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