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Venus 2017 – Part 7


Wanna go next year?

Enjoy the pictures I took from friday

Pic of the Week nominees

Enjoy this weeks nominees… and don´t forget to vote

Sexy Soccer 2016

It was the match of the year…
Germany faced Northern Ireland.
Heavy rain before the game made the field… let´s just say it wasn´t the best condition.
But right before the game the rain stopped and it could start.
Causing a little traffic jam and the famous Checkpoint Charlie, because they made the coin toss there.
At the end it was a 13-3 for Germany.
But who counts? It was a load of fun.

Enjoy this weeks lovely nominees

Pic Of The Week nominees

Enjoy this weeks lovely nominees

Enjoy the pictures of saturday (day 3)

Enjoy this weeks nominees

Enjoy this weeks nominees

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