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Tim Harper offers a plaster cast of Sexy Cora´s breast on ebay.
The link to the auction was posted at her Twitter account on Saturday (February, 12th).
First price was €4.999, today it´s 2.990.
There are no biddings on it by now, but there are 69 proposed prices, which are all declined.
Tim Harper (who has been accused to make money with the dead of his wife, by several people) tells: “Since my personal memories are not always positive, when I have the breast if my wife infront of me, decided to give it away and make another person happy with it.”
ebay auction here

R.I.P. Sexy Cora

Sexy Cora died on wedenesday, 20th in a hospital in Hamburg.
Carolin Wosnitza (legal name) has been in coma for about a week.
The doctors placed her in an artifical coma after, something went wrong during a breast surgery. (See previous article).
Now it looks like there was something wrong with ECG during narcosis.
(The prosecutors invading).
Cora had become pretty famous in Germany, when she moved into the Big Brother house.
Cora was only 23 years old.
My deepest concern to her husband Tim.

R.I.P. Cora, you will be missed.

Sexy Cora

Sexy Cora

German pornstar Sexy Cora is (lies) in coma after breast surgery.
On Tuesday she went to a privat hospital to enlarge her breasts from a F-Cup to an G-Cup. (from 1lbs silicone to 1.76lbs).
During the surgery there had to be a problem with the narcosis, which lead to a cardiac arrest.
Cora (who was in the german Big Brother house a few month ago) was without body functions for about 15 minutes and now lies in medical induced coma.
The doctors told, that there is a 50 % chance for her.
No the prosecution investigates if there has been fault, made by the doctors.
Sexy Cora won the Venus Award and the Erotixxx Award 2010 for best amateur actress Germany.
Hope she gets well soon, all the best wishes from here.

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