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Congratulations to the wonderful jessica drake

jessica drake

jessica drake

send your congrats to her Twitter
also visit her blog insidejed

Happy Birthday jessica drake

jessica drake

January 2010 - jessica drake

One of my alltime favorites is celebrating her birthday today.

So let´s all wish her a happy birthday.

and don´t forget the WHITEY´S PIC OF THE YEAR contest. (jessica is nominated too)

The last post was blog number 50.
I think this some kind of anniversary.
So I celebrate it with some pictures I took during the last years.
If you like them tell me.

I also would like to know, how you like this blog so far.
What could/should I change?

Give me some advice!!!
What would you like to see/read here?
Feel free to comment on the posts here.

I appreciate every single one of them (at least I will if they are not too rude, aggressive or you try to threaten someone).
When I post something up here, I always like to have your opinion on that topic.

So everyone who came here during the last 50 posts, thank you.
Everyone who retweeded it, told others on Facebook or shared it with others: THANK YOU

So most of you want to know what´s next?
The next big thing will be The first Pic Of The Year contest.
The readers of this blog will get the chance to vote on all the previous Pic Of The Month winners, so I can announce the winner at the middle of October.

Nominees (as far as I know them by now) will be girls like: Nikki Benz, Puma Swede, Eve Angel, Jessica Drake, Mandy Bright, Dorothy Black, Bambola Visconti, Stoya, Riley Steele, Eufrat and Maria Mia

After that there is the Venus Erotic Fair in Berlin (October 21. – 24.) I hope to see a lot of you there.
Hopefully I can take some great pics (and even more) for you there.

So once again: THANK YOU, I´m going to write some more stuff and I hope you may like it.

You want to see where jessica drake found her new love?
Off course I am talking about bikes, what have you thought?
She got her motorcycle license for that movie, has three sex scenes (including an orgy). What more can you expect?

So here is the trailer: Wicked´s SPEED

To tell you the truth I can´t wait to see Brad Armstron´s new masterpiece. ( I wanna see why jessica drake had to buy a HUGE scorpio).
They even closed the entire 6th street bridge for shooting it.
The cast includes jessica drake, Alektra Blue, Kirsten Price, Kaylani Lei as well as Tori Black.
Get ready for the ride of your life.

Here is jessica drake, a true icon of the adult industry, radio host and unofficial Starbucks spokeswoman (and one of the kindest persons I´ve ever met).
Yes, I wrote her name in lower case letters, because that is the way she writes it. So if you ever see an autograph with capitals, you can be sure it is a fake.

However, this 5”8 texan woman (who´s birthday is 10/14 beauty is a Wicked lifetime contract girl (how cool is that? A lifetime contract!)
It seems that this is a great your for her.
She is not only making great movies, but feature dances, is a sexpert who holds seminars and has her own radio show.
Her radio show is called “In bed”. In this show she talks about topics like, roleplaying, threeplays, foreplay or oral sex.
You can listen to it on Sirius or XM 99 every Monday at 7pm PST.

But besides being a true professional/workaholic (and one of the best actresses in the business) she is also pretty active when it comes to charity.
The list of her charity activities is too long to mention it all here.
For example every year she is collecting donations for the food bank.
I was impressed when I saw the pictures of her tweeting and taking pictures while running two half-marathons at the AVON Walk in LA. (and wow did she looked good) at one weekend.
She is asking to help so it´s only logical that her own little Senor Pedro Nubbs is a rescue dog too.
It sometimes seems that she is somekind of mother to all the Wicked girls, (here with Alektra Blue)

I could write much more about this great woman, but sometimes you just can´t tell everything.

One thing I should mention is that she was voted whitey´s Pic Of The Month in January 2010

You can contact the Twitter addict at (you should check her pictures there ) or her website
She even told Senor Nubbs how to use Twitter: He has his own account here:

Pic Of The Month (January): jessica drake

To be honest, I could not be happier about your choice for this month winner. You made a great choice. Yes, it´s… jessica drake.

I had the chance to meet her three times at the Venus fair in Berlin. She truly is one of the nicest persons I ever met. (Not just in adult entertainment).

Other great assets besides the obvious, she´s a great actress and director.

Watch the gorgeous lifetime Wicked contract girl in movies like:

Wicked´s 2040

Fallen Manhunters

Camp Cuddly Pines

and (including one of my absolute favourite scenes) Delilah.

Congratulations go out to: jessica drake

I hope to see her in Berlin in October.

Youn can your congratulations to her Twitter account which is: thejessicadrake

And her website is:

Picture was taken by whitey at Venus Berlin 2007