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Even more girls from Venus

I guess you want to see some more 😉

Today is kissing day, let´s celebratae it with a gallery.

Pic Of Thw Week

Here are the new nominees. Enjoy them and vote

Here are the nominees.
Enjoy the pics and don´t forget to vote.

Enjoy the pics and don´t forget to vote.

Bree Olson was arrested on Thursday in her hometown Fort Wayne, Ind on suspicion of driving under the influence of alcohol.
According to the breathalyzer test she took, she had a blood alcohol level of .19.
Bree was involved in a single car accident, with a black Lexus. (Most likely her own).
Bree was released on $750 bail.
But hey, the mug shot looks great.

Here are the nominees for October 2010.
I have to admit that there are “only” seven picture.
I had lots of things to do and (honestly) I was a bit lazy.
So here are the nominees.

It´s Bree Olson´s birthday today.
Let´s celebrate it with a gallery from last years Venus.


You can send your Birthday wishes to twitter.com/BreeOlson

Also visit her website


By the way: Tomorrow, it´s two weeks until Venus Berlin opens it´s gates for public.

One of my favorites last year:

Ashley Fires and Bree Olson (and of course Porno Dan ) at the Clips 4 Sale booth.

There are always a lot of international stars at the Venus.
So here are a some of them.
And so it´s only 24 days.