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It was a great day. Not more to say right now.

Too tired now to write a good text, but I know most of you just want to see pics.

Only 20 days left.
Here are some pictures from last years Venus.
Hope you enjoy them.

Links to some of the pictures


Dana DeArmond – theinternetsgirlfriend.com


Rush Hour Berlin

Venus always is a great party, but the guys and (of course the girls ) at the FreeOnes booth always take it to another step.
These people just know how to party.
And if you are a model and interested, just take a look at the Miss Free Ones 2011 contest.
And by the way it´s only 26 days until the big event.

The annual Venus Erotic Fair sneaks around the corner.
To get you in the mood, I´m gonna post some pictures from the last years.
This gallery features pictures from the last year.
I hope you´ll enjoy these pictures.
Feel free to tell me what you think.
Only 29 days to Venus 2010.
Hope to see you there.

Do you remember Bree Olson winning “Miss Free Ones 2010”?
So FreeOnes told that there will be a contest this year too.

“In 2010, almost 200 girls entered the Miss FreeOnes competition to compete for $15,000 in cash prizes! Due to the response from both the fans and the models, we have decided to make the 2011 edition of Miss FreeOnes bigger and better than the last one!”
(Quote from FreeOnes.com)

But this year it has several changes:

– It´s shorter (only 1 and a half month)
– You´ll be able to vote in six categories:


So this time it´s possible that your star is out of the main contest, but still has a chance to win in one of the other categories.

If you are a registered FreeOnes Member you have some specials:

– Your votes will have more impact than others (the longer you´re a member, the more impact your votes have)
– You won´t have to insert the chapta
– You can earn MyFreeOnes points by voting
– You can save your votes. So you won´t have to search and click everyday

So if you are a model or a porn star or an erotic model, register here


For industry members and other companies there is another interesting thing. The sponsorship.
You have the opportunity to be sponsor. Depending on what package is chosen, you´ll have your name mentioned or even get to sponsor a whole categorie.
(Can you imagine the Coca Cola Best European Porn Star, just an example, don´t sue me). 😉


If you have any questions just contact info@freeones.com

To all of the future contestants GOOD LUCK

Feel free to tell me what you think about it! Who you like to see take part in it?

Sunny Lane confirmed that she will be the Venus Erotic Fair in Berlin this year.
She tweeted: “@FreeOnes you better! I’m looking forward to spreading my ass all over the @freeones booth in Berlin 🙂 Look out Venus, Sunny Lane is coming”

And another lady wishes she could join her. Courtney Cummz told her: “Mine is!! Wish that I was going to Germany RT @SunnyLaneLive: Is anyone else’s twat wet? I mean… mine is really, really wet right now.“

So Sunny Lane is attending the Venus and this year she won´t be hidden in some dark corner like last year.

But we have some work to do, guys. We have to convince Free Ones to invite Courtney Cummz too.

Since she had already asked them: “@FreeOnes are you going to invite me to sign at your booth in Berlin?? :)”

So let´s tell Free Ones who you want to see.

Picture of Courtney Cummz courtesy of Wikipedia

Nikki Benz in Berlin 2008
Would you say no, if you get the chance to get Nikki Benz on your body?
I´m sure you won´t.
And now you can… well at least if you buy one of her T-Shirts.
Nikki Benz and T.I.T.S. (Two in the shirt) worked together and created a great shirt once again.
Most of you might know that the canadian beauty is a huge fan of mobster movies like “Scarface”, so the design is a logical consequence.
So the “Nothing to play” design mixes “Scarface” and “Planet Terror” and looks just great.
You can get it from www.shoptits.com for $31.99 in blue or black (I prefer the black, the dark look is awesome). You can get the “Bring ´em out” shirts there too.
The only thing is: Watch where you aim that leg. The muzzle aims straight to a part, that I doesn´t want to get hurt at.

Buy the shirts at www.shoptits.com

and visit her website nikkibenz.com

Bree Olson in Berlin 2009

Bree Olson in Berlin 2009

One of the cutest smiles in the industry has made it to music video.
Adam & Eve contract star and Miss Free Ones 2010 Bree Olsons stars in the new Flo-Rida vs. T-Pain video “Zooskgirl”.
And (like everything Bree does) she´s doing good.
She´s looking great with that typical naughty litlle girl smile.
But Adam & Eve placed more in that video than just Bree Olson. They used clever product placement and put some of their products (like massage oils and perfume) in it too.
So let´s see what else Adam & Eve girls we will see on MTV in the future.
How about Teagan Presley and Miley Cyrus doing a pole dancing contest. Lol, I´d love to see that, but I think we all know who will win this one. 😉

You can see Flo-Rida feat. T-Pain (and Bree Olson) – Zooskgirl here:

To visit Bree Olson´s wesite click here: www.BreeOlson.com
To visit Adam & Eve click here: www.adamandeve.com
To visit Teagan Presley click here teaganpresley.com

Worlwide 177,3 Euro (240,9 Mio.$ ) are spent for XXX on the Internet.
That are 2052 Euro´s per second (2788,04 $) .
I thinks that not enough, if you think about how many viewers are on Tube sides or using Rapid Share sites. (Shame on you.)
I think those girls work hard to give pleasure to us. So deserve their mones, if you actually look at their schedules and what they actually do, you might think the same.
If you take car a bit, you´ll look a bit closer. Than you might see, how hard most of the girls in adult entertainment really work for their money.

They´re not only act in the scenes (that we´re all enjoying), but running their own websites, go on dancing tours (sadly not that much in Germany ;-( ) and give us the chance to meeting them on conventions.
So if you visit Tube sites or download a movie through rapid share, think about this. Would you work for free. Your actually not better than anyone, who steals from shops or would you steal Nikki Benz´ purse.
If you would, I´d bet you won´t get away with that 😉

So Pay For Porn.
So contact your favourite girl (or guy) in the industry and tell them how much you appreciate their work.
As some actor once said: “We´re all just here for the applause.” So clap your hands and then open your purses.

If you want to visit Nikki Benz´ website click: www.nikkibenz.com