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I think it´s time to post a gallery again.
I hope you like the beautiful Biggi Bardot.

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Naked soccer day 2

Some more

Naked Soccer in Berlin

I´ll post some more in the next days and tell you something about it.

Here are this weeks nominees

Here are this weeks nominees:

Poll will close on December 30th, 2012 on 23:59pm CET

My anniversary – My 10th Venus

Actually the convention was pretty disappointing. There were pretty few internationals.
The only big US company was (once again) Girlfriends Films and they did a great job. (As usual ;) )
Since they only had three halls this year it was pretty packed.
You can only hope, that the Venus will come back to what it was years ago. A come together for the whole adult entertainment family, with the big companies and lot more international/US girls.
But anyway, I did enjoy it eitherway.

I told you, I´m a luck guy (sometimes).

Those were the days my friend

The girls of Venus

There are only a few days left to Venus 2012.
Since I can´t wait for it, I decided to show you some of my favorite pics I took through the last 5 years.
This year will be my 10th anniversary, but I only got pics from the last 5 years on digital.

Here are the nominees for Pic Of The Week


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