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Venus Berlin 2017 – Part 1

What can I say?
It becomes more and more a national fair.

Have you been to Venus?
What was your highlight?
What didn´t you like?

let me start with the complainment.
You´re not allowed to bring in big bags or bagpacks. That´s not that bad, but why can´t you tell before the convention?
One other thing is the lack of internationals.
Yeah, I know. Back in the days everything was better. 😉
Not better but different.
But as you can see, it is great sexy fun.

Enjoy this weeks lovely nominees

Lovely nominees

Venus 2015 – day 2

Enjoy pics rom day 2

You voted… here are the 13 pics that were Pic Of The Month and now running for Pic Of The Year.
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The cute Lena Nitro is the winner for December 2014

Lena Nitro

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Enjoy this month´ nominees

Congrats to german cutie Lena Nitro

Lena Nitro

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Pic Of The Week nominees

Enjoy this weeks nominees and don´t forget to vote

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