Nikki Benz in Berlin 2008
Would you say no, if you get the chance to get Nikki Benz on your body?
I´m sure you won´t.
And now you can… well at least if you buy one of her T-Shirts.
Nikki Benz and T.I.T.S. (Two in the shirt) worked together and created a great shirt once again.
Most of you might know that the canadian beauty is a huge fan of mobster movies like “Scarface”, so the design is a logical consequence.
So the “Nothing to play” design mixes “Scarface” and “Planet Terror” and looks just great.
You can get it from for $31.99 in blue or black (I prefer the black, the dark look is awesome). You can get the “Bring ´em out” shirts there too.
The only thing is: Watch where you aim that leg. The muzzle aims straight to a part, that I doesn´t want to get hurt at.

Buy the shirts at

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